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Village Oaks Title 1 Math Support

Meet Mrs. Brieanna Cummings

Brieanna Cummings joined the Village Oaks Elementary staff in the fall of 2017 as the Title 1 Math Specialist. She previously worked as a classroom teacher in Garden City, Kansas. Mrs. Cummings attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Education majoring in Mathematics & Language Arts. She continued her education through Michigan State University by receiving her Master of Teaching & Curriculum graduate degree. 

As a math specialist, she has received training to become a Add+Vantage Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist.  Math Recovery® assessments allow her to pinpoint a child's area of need and apply mathematical concepts.  Math Recovery® transforms numeracy education with meaningful assessment and instruction.

If you would like to discuss mathematical concerns that you have for your child or are in need of resource information, Mrs. Cummings can be reached at 248-449-1300 or brienna.cummings@novik12.org

Math Intervention services are provided across the school setting in various capacities.  Some examples include:

  • Intervention Services: Direct pull out services as a related service for those identified based on multiple data points. 
  • Consultation: Consults with teachers to provide mathematical teaching strategies and tools to support the classroom.
  • Parent/Family Involvement: Hold various parent/family education presentation events across the school year.

Welcome to the Village Oaks Title 1 Resource Page

Your child may login to iReady lessons through the Clever website.  Login and passwords can be obtained by contacting your classroom teacher.

Clever Website

Below are online platforms that connect you with math games and digital math manipulatives/resources.